Green Party election results

During the last local elections of May 3th, 2012, Warrington Green Party fielded candidates in six wards in the town. Below are the results for those six wards.

Green Party's total share of the votes was 8.4%, up from 5.9% in 2011. 

Warrington Green Party wants to say thank you to everyone who voted Green.

In Fairfield and Howley:
Lyndsay McAteer: 245 votes, 12.4%

In Whittle Hall:
Stephanie Davies: 126 votes, 5.1%

In Grappenhall and Thelwall:
Mike Smith: 93 votes, 3.5%

In Rixton and Woolton:
Ross Lloyd: 208 votes, 9.6%

In Stockton Heath:
Robin Wilson: 140 votes, 11.2%

In Poulton South:
Eveline van der Steen: 132 votes, 8.8%

Full results can be found on the Warrington Council website, here