Lyndsay McAteer calls for zero tolerance of hate crime

5 August 2016

Warrington Guardian: Green Party calls for zero tolerance approach to hate crime

5th August 2016

WARRINGTON and Halton Green Party is calling for a zero tolerance approach to hate crime following concerns since the EU referendum.

The Greens highlighted the 'national upsurge' in hate crimes against people from 'other countries and religious and ethnic minorities' after the Brexit vote.

Members believe there needs to be 'ongoing cross-party discussions' in Warrington to ensure the problem is tackled.

"The public needs to be assured that the council and police are doing everything in their power to protect people from these crimes," said Lyndsay McAteer, the Green Party's equalities spokesperson.

"There needs to be ongoing discussions with affected communities to ensure that crimes are reported so that enforcement is followed up on.

"The message from the council should be that perpetrators will be found and they will be prosecuted.

"The big problem with hate crime is that it is often hidden and that many crimes go unreported.

"Public awareness and vigilance is an important tool to use against ignorance and discrimination. Our diversity is our strength."

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