Steph Davies: Leaving the EU a 'massive step backwards'

4 July 2016

Warrington Guardian: Green Party labels decision to leave EU as 'massive step backwards'

By Aran Dhillon, 4th July 2016

WARRINGTON and Halton Green Party has labelled the decision to leave the EU as a 'massive step backwards'.

Leader Steph Davies and members also believe the result has left the Government and opposition 'in chaos' and the 'economy in crisis'.

A party statement said: "Warrington and Halton Green Party is hugely disappointed at the result of the EU referendum.

"In our opinion this is a massive step backwards for the country.

"The in-fighting that has ensued prior to, and since, the result was announced has left the Government and Labour opposition in chaos and the economy in crisis.

"The Green Party calls for progressive parties to unite at this time to counter the right-wing Brexiters and to work together to prevent a potential Tory-UKIP alliance taking control of our future.

"The political establishment is failing the British people and as a result the Green Party is experiencing another surge in its membership as people seek a better alternative.

"The Green Party will take a stand against austerity, against the slashing of environmental and animal welfare legislation that comes with Brexit and will continue to fight to protect the NHS and other public services from privatisation, for workers' rights, for much-needed electoral reform and to stand up for the principle of freedom of movement."

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