Green candidate joins striking junior doctors at Warrington Hospital

7 April 2016

Lyndsay McAteer - our candidate in Fairfield and Howley at this year's all-out Warrington Borough Council elections - joined striking junior doctors on the picket line at Warrington Hospital today. Lyndsay spoke to Warrington Guardian reporter Adam Everett at the Lovely Lane hospital.

She said: “We totally 100 per cent support this strike and believe an injustice is being done in trying to force a new contract on these people.

“Anyone can see that it is unfair and biased – these people work so hard and do a job that we all value and appreciate but the government are trying to hit them hard.

“The government would have to be blinkered not to be aware of what’s going on with these demonstrations – there is something fundamentally wrong with what the Conservative government is proposing.

“I think the public is overwhelmingly behind the doctors – this is an absolute last resort and is absolutely necessary.”

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