Report reveals renewable alternative to Hinkley could save £40 billion

5 April 2016

A report for the Intergenerational Foundation think-tank has suggested that scrapping plans for new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point in Somerset in favour of renewable alternatives could save Britain up to £40 billion.

According to the report, onshore windfarms would cost £31.2bn less than Hinkley, and solar photovoltaic power £39.9bn less over 35 years to build and run.

Green Party economic spokesperson Molly Scott Cato is the MEP for the South West constituency in which Hinkley would be built and is a long-time opponent of the project. She said:

“We cannot stand by and allow a disastrous economic decision to plough ahead in order to save political face on both sides of the Channel. There is a Plan B based on renewable energy, energy efficiency and innovative smart grid and energy storage solutions. This is a plan I have been advocating for the last year and could be delivered in time to prevent blackouts and create 122,000 quality jobs in the process; many more than nuclear could ever hope to deliver.”

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