Robin Wilson

Stockton Heath Parish Council (2008-2012)

Robin wilsonWarrington Green Party had a member, Robin Wilson, on Stockton Heath Parish Council. Robin was elected in 2008 and played a full part in local politics as the Green Party elected representative on Stockton Heath Parish Council.  

Robin strongly opposed borough council plans to rush into an ill-thought out development scheme for Walton Gardens.  The planned partnership deal with the hotel firm who had wished to run Walton Hall as a private concern has now been shelved.  This is great news for the area as the scheme is now once again a 'blank sheet of paper' and the ideas of local people and organisations as to how best look after the gardens and the hall will now be taken into account.  Warrington Green Party will of course be feeding in to this process to produce a viable and sustainable plan for the gardens which will keep this important place available to be enjoyed by the local community and to the benefit of the local environment.

Following the sad news that the farmers market that has been running monthly in Stockton Heath scout hut was to be discontinued due to lack of support, Robin investigated ways of bringing the venture back to life. Robin worked with a fellow councillor to restart the market in the village, in front of the Mulberry Tree pub.

Finally, we had much concern about the cuts which the borough council was forced to make under central government pressure. The Greens fought against cuts that impacted negatively on our community and pushed for any reductions in spending to be taken in full consultation with local people and their priorities.

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